Episode 3 Series 1: Meanwhile, Rosie is interviewed for vet school and Dup takes matters into his own hands to save a baby elephant who is a victim of the asset strippers shutting down Mara. Mara’s new American owner, Elliot Kriel wants to pull down the fences between the two reserves and forge a cooperative rather than competitive relationship with the Trevanions. Caroline decides to take matters into her own hands by going undercover at the mining company. Dup slips quietly away to the rocky outcrop where years earlier he made the decision to invite the Trevanions to live at Leopards Den. Episode 6 Series 4: Danny calls in an expert to help find the dog’s pack, and Alice is challenged to make an important decision when the visitor turns out to be someone she knows. Without Danny’s agreement, Alice purchases an aged giraffe at an auction.

The Trevanion family’s financial woes continue, as Danny and Ed are refused an extension on their mortgage. Danny and Alice are divided when Peeters wants their help relocating a pack of rogue hyenas. A small plane crash at Leopards Den brings an unwanted visitor with questionable motives. Their short holiday looks like it could turn out quite differently when they arrive at Leopards Den and meet Anders Du Plessis and his housekeeper Nomsa. Christian Peeters’ determination to resume demolition of Leopards Den pushes Danny to an angry confrontation. Some time has passed. Against the backdrop of a beauty pageant at Mara, Alice is torn between helping Rowan rehabilitate a tiger and her own seemingly more mundane responsibilities at Leopards Den.

Episode #1.3

Desperate to restore his relationship with Alice and be by her side when the baby is born, Danny makes an anguished decision about his future that leaves Dup stunned. Episode 3 Series 7: Episode 7 Series 2: First appearance of Themba Khumalo and Simon Adams.

Episode 6 Series 7: Episode 1 Series 4: Dup confronts Danny about the suspicious death of Christian Peeters, and they agree to keep quiet about the dead body found in wild at heart series 6 episode 3 part 1 Leopards Den swimming pool.

Rowan is surprisingly cooperative, until he reveals an ulterior motive. Episode 7 Series 7: His secret cargo introduces the possibility of exposure to a deadly virus.

Danny is called in to investigate when the routine transportation of a valuable tiger goes wrong, and he discovers that Alice could be to blame for the animal’s death.

Danny has found a potential financial lifeline in a pharmaceutical company looking to fund an environmental project.

Wild at Heart Series 3 Episode 3 Part 1 – Fun web

Danny oversees an animal translocation for his first big project as State Vet. Episode 2 Series 6: With his friend’s happiness hanging in the balance, Dup opens Danny’s eyes to the truth.

Episode 4 Series 4: Last appearance of Themba Khumalo. Danny’s infatuation with the charity’s beautiful spokesperson leads him to make an imprudent decision, but the family’s kindness toward a wealthy visitor brings its own reward.

Episode 6 Series 3: Competition from Mara, a nearby luxury lodge and much larger reserve, could threaten their hoped-for livelihood. However, a misunderstanding leaves her epksode that Rosie is Ed’s new love interest until Rosie announces that her and Max are getting divorced.

Caroline reveals the lion’s presence to a visiting journalist and is blamed when the lion is snared. Meanwhile, Rosie returns at Caroline’s suggestion to try to help solve the family’s problems.

With matters between Danny and Alice still tense, a distracted Danny appears to make a fatal mistake while treating a rare black leopard. As Danny tries to leave Leopards Den the elephants block his path.

Episode 8 Series 6: Dup suspects the newcomer has an ulterior motive. Sign up for our newsletter.

Without Danny’s agreement, Alice purchases an aged giraffe at an auction. The continuing drought has created a tense atmosphere, which worsens when Max’s parents and brother arrive for the big wedding day.

Wild At Heart Series 6 Episode 3 Part 4 – Fun web

Danny tries to coax Dup back out into the bush doing what he loves, but things take a deadly turn when Hobie the lion turns against them. Episode 8 Series 7: When AfriSpec takes over Leopards Den, Danny reaches an agreement with Peeters to set up a field hospital in the bush until all the animals have been rehomed.

As the wilr plans are finalised, their happy day is threatened by someone from Caroline’s past. Danny is furious when a zebra is killed possibly by poachersand aprt and Du Plessis decide to stake out the episide area. Meanwhile, Ed’s increasingly suspicious behaviour makes Dup think he’s harbouring a dark secret.

Danny and Alice get more than they bargained for when they try to deal with two wild at heart series 6 episode 3 part 1 lions that have been attacking local cattle.

Wild At Heart Series 6 Episode 3 Part 4

Caroline, Liv and Charlotte are excited to be back and are keen to see their new home, Clearwater Farm. Meanwhile, Rosie’s friend Izzy is visiting from England, and Rosie realizes how much she has grown to love her new life in Africa. As a great storm is brewing, Vanessa tries to entice Danny with an unwanted kiss. Alice’s brother Rowan arrives from Scotland to say that their father has died. Meanwhile, Danny is suffering from post-traumatic stress, and Cedric Fatani Mara’s new manager takes advantage of the wild at heart series 6 episode 3 part 1.

Danny considers investing all their money by signing a binding business contract with Anders Du Plessis, whose family has owned Leopards Den for more than years.