All three DJs meet with directors of art, lighting and more as they prepare to put on a show for the crown of “Master of the Mix”. I feel ya, I don’t understand why anyone comments anymore. Majority of guys like Jayceeoh no disrespect his parents probably did not listen to hiphop when he was growing up and he sure throws done like a hiphop DJ so I agree DJing in its purest form has its roots in hiphop. That is why everyone is on the show The music and culture is completely different very little to do with race. I do agree with earlier comment re: No disrespect to Jayceeoh at all, he’s dope.

You do know the show is rigged, right?? Chris Karns – because I know what he can do as an elite battle DJ, I don’t think he’ll necessarily win it all, but you have to think he won’t be an early exit DJ. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hohme was pitted against others using turntables, in an reality-TV-show which seeks a DJ for Smirnoff. I don’t “battle”, nothing against it just not me, you know? What was your perception of what happened with PM on the show. Before that they were just putting the record on and letting it play..

Too much scratching not enough music. That’s where it ends. Im tardy to or party on the show as a hole but after a week of talking to people who i consider reliable sources with spot on observations, as above mentioned the show is a long as smirnoff commercial. After the few seconds we saw she said I could beat him,,, she has vh1 master of the mix season 3 episode 1 touched a TT in her life,, but she liked the Ipod dude DJ Michael Basic 9: Like I said, if you have a strong point, why not rock it?

Delusions of grandeur spring to mind. I’m just bustin your balls brother. Tone that down and you may be alright. Learn something new erry day Where would the show be if everyone released everything that happened? My name is DJ Pete Magma So I’m going record shopping and then everything else is going into the bank. This new EDM twist will increase it’s popularity. The DJs add personal touches to their sets in Miami. If I had vh1 master of the mix season 3 episode 1 like that, I’d have done a little bit of trick mixing and dropping some dope records for the first 2: I used to buy Absolut and just finished a bottle that I had sitting there for a year, since I tried Crystal Head I was hooked, very smooth, no after burn.

Seeason 3, Episode 3 April 16, DJ Michael Basic Even you gotta see the comedy in that comment.

In order episose master something you need to solely focus on that genre, same with hip hop. I do agree with earlier comment re: If you’re in the record collector community, you don’t tell those titles because we play these records and I might have a 45 that’s worth two, three grand but I’ll actually play it.

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The season begins with final auditions at Club Frequency in MiamiFlorida. Just a lil too sweet for me. Posted Tue 02 Apr 13 5: Ben Silverman announced in September that his production company, Electusin partnership with branded entertainment agency GTM, would produce the show with financing from Diageoparent of Smirnoff. I had Traktor at the time and they would not allow me to bring in my own stuff or make any changes.

It’s day one of the competition and it’s already surprise elimination day.

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Vajra sorry I won’t call him Chris Karns and Jayceeoh are in this? I mean you know what kind of competition this is. DJ Fly Guy – why where you typing anything in the laptop? Not sure if this’ll translate into the ‘mix’ though. He is well known and a dope DJ for sure. I don’t even know if there was an EDM judge on the panel. If it’s good music I’m down with it.

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To complain afterwards isn’t a good look, and could give off the jaster vibes to potential sponsors. If Karns hangs around the show, I’d say he is a fav. Go to my soundcloud And that’s with using straight vinyl. I opened for Martin Solveig this weekend and let me tell you, the dude is out of control nice.

Cut Chemist didn’t invent Hip Hop. The DJs spin their magic in North Carolina. I rather look at a episods anyday then some dude Im just curious as to how he’s controlling it all.

And the kid who just rocked an iPad On a few episodes on youtube though, It’s as bad epksode I’d expect any DJ show to be. Kid Capri mad cuz Vajra peed in way tighter butts than his!!!!! Their vodka is ass.

I hope the guys on the show exploit them for everything they can to get what they deserve out of the dj game I can’t seem to find anything more than short blurbs from the show. Views Read Edit View history. Just give me shit, or bet me bitches. Fuck that app BS.