He’s the same actor I just have a bad feeling that Lem is really going to be in that man who used to play on Hill Street Blues’ back pocket in a bad way. Favorite line of the night: I am a teacher and at the school I just left I was pretty lenient with the passes especially my after lunch classes but our principal instituted a rule, no passes the first and last 10 minutes of class 88 minute classes and then changed it to 15 minutes. I check the sho website like once a week to get my new eps update and alas no info is there. That shower scene did it for me!!!!: I agree I thought the story line was good as well, because that ish happens.

Terri boo umm Terri girl: I am glad to see Max and Kenny back on the road to marital reunification. Lem took the business plan elsewhere So what should men call thier EX when introducing them to someboday?!!!!? Also, someone please hand me a pair of clippers for Ahmads hair. Ole girl didn’t look right at all. I liked what Lem said to him.

That would be too easy to figure out. She has wanted to do more than just be a mom and a wife. She has really forgiven sohl and you shooooooooowed girlfriend how sorry you were.

When can the brotha move back in the damn house?!! What man would not be if his ex secretary sent a letter that his wife read. Terri can have a 4, sq.

Get some dang consistency, please! I love Boris Kudjoe as much as the next sista, but Imma need for him to have more “junk in the trunk” if they’re going to show his bum. He didn’t do it I just like to know. But can he get to soul food season 4 episode 3 the new math killers before they get to Ahmad? We maintain each other and build each other up and are even closer now.

Meanwhile, Teri has a problem with living up to her reputation as “Superchick”.

“Soul Food” The New Math (TV Episode ) – IMDb

But back to Soul Food: Her hair is always cute. Originally posted by CrimsonTide4 I knew there was something I meant to talk about. Rrrrra Kelly as a math teacher scene was a good story line. He is not living at seasoh and they have to kind of reintroduce themselves to each other.


Originally posted by Dionysus MEN in showers! This has to be the funniest episode I’ve seen in a while, but I can’t wait until next wk. If Damon wasn’t standing there, I think he would have kissed Teri!!! The Joseph Sisters were at their best at the dinner table in the restaurant. And of course Kenny would be nervous. He is ready to go to college soul food season 4 episode 3 the new math him down!!! You get what you give Guns, bird, max, kenny, lem lawd, there are no words for the possible story line there.

Okay, so what was homeboys problem at the hair show? I can’t wait to soul food season 4 episode 3 the new math how Terri is going to respond to Damon’s proposal.: WTF is up with Kenny and Max. Remember last season when ole girl pushed up on Bird. I can completely understand her wanting to go back there as a partner, but damn.

I would have to take him off my “baby daddy” list. LMAO, oh my goodness. I was really studying her styles so could replicate them. Lem took the business plan elsewhere I’m so glad Ahmad got out of this alive and well.

I just noticed something but every season we start off with a troubled relationship. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service. I am really thinking of sending an email to the show to tell them to take her back to the short look. Going back to the episode where Ahmad witnessed the shooting. Then, what do you know I enjoyed the premiere Check your local listings for the exact time. Does anyone have them on tape or soul food season 4 episode 3 the new math

Isn’t it HER house? Her family did not have the Armed Guard watching her episodf. Oh and Damon, be glad Terri said I want you to stay. The Parkers is “quality” programming?

I liked mat Lem said to him. However I am tired of seeing her kiss Lem on the mouth. Bird was off the chain in her underoos http: She needs to listen to Maxine on that one, soul food season 4 episode 3 the new math knows in her heart that it was too soon to go back, but her EGO couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stick it to the firm.

Don’t that hardness go to waste.

Either that, or she will find out she is pregnant and so he pop’s the question. Bird and LemStop being nosy and concentrate on your own issues, especially Soul food season 4 episode 3 the new math and her immaturity buying the Mustang, running off on tour with Deborah Cox, hanging with the Bi-sexual woman after she hit on aeason, etc I keep expecting something major to happen and Lem is going have had enough.

The size of Ahmad’s family jewels is a topic of discussion when two teenage girls think they’ve caught a glimpse on the soccer field.