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NO mating constraints required. The help system is always behind the new versions Overall: Businesses that need to be able to react quickly to new projects and unpredictable design changes. We do tons of 3D printing, which requires working with stl files.

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I use Keycreator on a daily basis for many different kinds of projects and it has never failed me. Having used KeyCreator since the s when it was called CadKey, I appreciate the consistency of the platform and the power of the drawing components.


The possibility creatod using in kfy classic mode Cons: Could have better graphics for High res monitors Icons appear outdated Locks up too often Lack of a CAM software Price compared to what's available today. Place a part and move it instantly, you dont have to search through an endless feature list, to find a specific sketch to modify. I've learned it from the original Cadkey with NO training!

Although the user interface evolves with new versions, it is always possible to set up a new installation with previous interfaces.

I usually figure out a work around and keep working. KeyCreator - Great for Contractors and everyone else.

My overall experience has been pretty good. Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, Self-employed. Icon driven systems can become a video game where students can make all kinds of neat objects without understanding the geometry behind them. I receive files from my clients who use a wide variety of CAD programs and I seldom have issues with translation. I have been able to take work from many different customers using many different CAD programs.

I have seen the program make leaps and bounds in ease of use over the years, from editing poor quality imported files to creating our own complex files.

Never understood the benefits of a Parametric history based software. Never had any issues.

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I really can not say I have any complaints about it. My overall experience has been good as a new convert from Autocad. If I want to edit something I just edit it! Live Online In Person.

I have to say that there are many design projects I would have never been able to take on if it was not for the ability to work with just about any format out there as well as the ability to send back files to my customers that they can work with. Keycreator has been my go to software for Tool and Die design for over 25 Years. I also like the fact that it comes with translators built in, enough of them so that I have never had an issue importing files from my cretor.

I don't have any major dislikes that come to mind. Packaging kubotel Containers, employees.

Keycreator is a perfect fit for the kind of design work I use it on it is very reasonably priced tech support has always been awesome. Its a dos interface and a dos program. Creato works well for what we need to do here. We use cad for differentiating engineering changes between old and new CAD models, KeyCreator does the perfect job on that part.

Average Ratings 22 Reviews 4. From my point of view.

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What more can I say? I feel the " older " functions Draft Pak are lacking severely kubtoek functionality - needs a major overhaul - to many steps required for screws and fasteners - should be automated. Importing and editing stl files is not a strong suit for KeyCreator, but exporting them for printing works perfectly well. This software doesn't take anything for granted. With a few exceptions each version has been a great tool for me.

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