But that was then. I caught the tail end of it, when Sultana Siddiqui was talking. I loved this episode and the next one promises to be more of a blast! Will it take Shams going back to Zarina to remove her blindfold? I dislike Shams and have turned blind maybe, but please direct me towards his redeeming qualities.. He feels used and discarded. My very favourite book and the subject of the very first term paper I ever wrote in my second innings as student in the US and then in my mind it will always be attached to SeZ, a serial special for me personally since the blog started off because of it.

I enjoyed the seamless manner in which this track was woven back into the story. She thinks they are her duaa for her. SZ What a fab fab fab review!!! And making these two dance at his whim is the puppet master, Suleri. But ofcourse he has so much more to do in this drama. Nashra SZ Re Shams ki redeeming qualities:

It was the kangans that made him disappear the first time round. I think you will really enjoy that one. Have you guys seen the teasers for Mor Mahal? I really liked the garden area where they were siting. But she had miscalculated.

Yay for a drama that we all are really into!!

Preet Na Kariyo Koi Episode 13 Promo HUM TV Drama 19 Jan | HUM TV – Watch Dramas Online

Yes Mor Mahal looks huge and just so awesome. But Aamna Mufti have done wonders… Bringing zareena into form.

Also amazing was AK skinning the apple. Romi provides her an escape but she returns everyday to the authoritarianism of her father; a man she hardly knows or feels obliged to obey. I hear you about Ahsan Khan doing more such roles, but I think he has to do a certain quota of run-of-the-mill roles to land something like this, lol.

I will put up the post in a few days or so to accommodate her very busy work schedule.

Rehan Sheikh is indeed fab! I was reading it today and it really struck home in terms of what we have been discussing and re-iterated the importance of speaking from the margins… Its available online free in pdf form. Looking forward to your review. It was nice to see Ilyas and a grown up Bhola return to our screens. And preet na kariyo koi episode 13 hum tv drama Zarina too.

Rehmat, I too felt very bad for Mariam. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Absolutely yes to the reading group.

Re Shagufta looking in the mirror: Beshuk she is weary. SZ, just saw the ratings on the previous Preet post. Have you watched Ulloo Baraye Farokht Nahin?

But this by no means should be taken to infer that Shagufta has turned into some sobbing hysterical woman. I caught the tail end of it, when Sultana Siddiqui was talking.


Dramz, after he had invested so much in Shagufta? Some will be taught directly to her and some through his treatment of her beloved Shams. Shagufta has not yet allowed this question to enter her conscious mind, but I am sure niggles of doubt dpisode gradually making themselves heard. My one word summary would be: Hira, no matter how ugly her glasses and however many strands of grey she has painted on, does not look like a woman in her late 30s.

I guess some people really need to have the lesson hammered into their heads before they get it. Jisse chaha jaata hai usse samjha jaata hai, samjhaya nahi. Ahsan Khan and Rehan Sheikh are really really good, but Hira is the one who has taken me by surprise. Oho Shams also rescued all kariyk girls on the bus lol. Sulehri Saheb, Sulehri Saheb! The drana will be up right after I get Preet done … Idk how it happened but it seems like finally somebody preet na kariyo koi episode 13 hum tv drama there heard us begging and we do have some interesting serials to talk about.

Any thoughts on the latest episode of Preet? No he was looking forward to playing politics, episods at the same table as Suleri sahabas his equal.