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Specifies the source interface, including the interface type and number. Table describes absolute and relative numbers of user interfaces. The ecc key-pair label command generates an ECC key pair with a label. Usage Guidelines Usage Scenario You can run the display configuration candidate command to check whether a configuration to be committed is correct and whether it conflicts with existing configurations.

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Basic Configurations Commands

The undo ftp server port command restores the default value of the listening port number. By default, the device can generate a maximum of 20 ECC key pairs with labels.

When neither label nor brief is specified, you can view information about all DSA key edn with labels.

Running the configuration exclusive timeout command can set an allowable maximum period when no commands are delivered by the user that locks the configuration set. You can run the display mib-index interface command as an NMS user to view the index values of interfaces. To exit from the current directory and return to the upper-level esj, run the cdup command.

The undo ssh server timeout restores the default timeout interval for SSH connection authentication. If the RSA key pair exists, the system prompts you to confirm whether to replace the original key pair.

Some display commands are not at this level. You can run the display chajger character-set [ test ] command to view the character set in the system and Chinese character set supported on the terminal login software. To unlock the IP address of this user in advance, run the activate vty ip-block ip-address command.

To enable the function of blocking IP addresses in VTY access scenarios, run the ip-block vty-password-mode disable command. Undefined hotkeys Undefined hotkeys. The device fails to generate DSA key pairs with labels when the number of DSA key pairs reaches the upper limit specified by this command. The undo ssh server-source command restores the default setting. Run the telnet server disable command to set this item.

S1720, S5700, and S6720 Series Switches License Usage Guide

Therefore, you can adjust the maximum number of ECC key pairs as required to ensure that they do not occupy too many system resources. STelnet is a secure Telnet service.

To enter the command alias view, run the command alias command. Visit level display history-command all-users: It is a public key encryption architecture and an asymmetric encryption algorithm.

If all of them are valid, the user is permitted to access the server. If label label-name is specified, you can view information about the RSA key pair with a specific label. By default, the total number of Telnet users and SSH users is five maximum. If the parameter is not specified, successfully matched historical commands the current user executed are displayed.

MEID Converter - Free MEID and ESN conversion tool

If the system runs a wrong or immature command, it displays the error and goes to next command. After login, rsn level of the commands the user can run depends on the level of the local user specified in AAA configuration. The display dsa key-pair command displays information about the ECC key pair with a label.

The character string of command cannot contain any parameters that are not included in parameter. The configuration takes effect after you log in to the system again. To protect the Telnet standard port against attacks and ensure network security, configure the listening port number of the Telnet server.

MEID Converter

Usage Guidelines Usage Scenario You can run the display configuration candidate command to check whether a configuration to be committed is correct and whether it conflicts with existing configurations. Edn you run the undo authentication-mode command to delete the authentication mode, the system asks you whether to delete the authentication mode. If the time zone and daylight saving time are not configured, the clock datetime command sets a UTC time.

If you do not specify MM and SStheir values are 0. Views All views in two-stage configuration mode.

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