Part 1 Joe hatches a plan to disguise Mel as his ex-wife Tiffany. The Handmaid’s Tale 7. S4 E22 Double Happiness Mel doubts that she can still run for congress. Lennox is approached to be a model, but has to persuade Mel for permission. Mel’s mother comes to visit and Lennox’s teacher thinks Lennox is pregnant. Lennox gets a job with Mel and falls for an intern who reports to Mel’s political rival.

S1 E13 Enemies With Benefits. S3 E24 To Tell the Truth. Meanwhile, Ryder limits his diet to vending-machine food to comply with an experiment Lennox is doing. Mel and Joe discover Lennox spent the night in bed with her classmate. S3 E11 Fast Times. Taylor Spreitler Lennox Scanlon.

S2 E13 Wherefore Art Lennox. S4 E15 The Book Club. Joe inherits joy ugly chair from his grandmother and is pleased to be able to bring a piece of his life into Mel’s home at last. S1 E23 Going the Distance? S1 E27 Play Ball. S3 E15 What Happens in Jersey Ryder meets Holly’s parents. Meanwhile, Holly teaches Ryder how to shave.

S4 E10 Parental Guidance. After being frozen in an avalanche, Mel and Joe thaw out in the future.

A busy politician hires a male nanny to help her take care of her teenage niece and nephew. Joe goes all out for a birthday gift for Mel that she doesn’t like.

S1 E21 Young Love Mel starts a romance with a younger man. S1 E15 Lost in Translation. A video of Mel punching melissa and joey full episodes season 2 episode 1 guy in Ryder’s defense is posted online.

Season 2, Episode 7 June 27, Mel and Joe attempt to respect each other’s privacy after they have a quarrel about boundaries. Mel and Joe are shocked to melisea that Lennox’s boyfriend Aidan spent the night in her bedroom. The Handmaid’s Tale 7. Mel’s attempts to teach Lennox to drive don’t go well, but Mel refuses to accept Joe’s episodss to joy over the lessons. Part 2 Mel and Joe find themselves in a compromising situation.

Mel brings a dog home to Joe’s chagrin. Joe’s financial consultant, Elena, shows up at the house unannounced. Watch all four seasons of this laugh-out-loud, unconventional love story.

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Still reeling from the unexpected news at the wedding, Joe issues an impulsive invitation without consulting Mel first, putting their new life together in jeopardy.

Lennox tries to help Ryder get into college. When Mel feels the pressure of balancing her home renovations with her duties at work, Joe convinces her to put him in charge of construction.

When Ryder decides to invest in stocks and shares, he turns to Joe for advice, but Joe thinks that Ryder’s choice of investment is spisodes poor one. S3 E3 Inside Job Joe gets a job that quickly lands him in the middle of a political scandal. S3 E4 Can’t Hardly Wait. S4 E20 Game Melissa and joey full episodes season 2 episode 1 On family game night, questions and answers lead to relationship problems.

Mel and Joe are at odds with a contractor for their home renovation.

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When Lennox starts an internship melssa Mel’s office, she hits it off with a fellow intern who happens to work for Mel’s biggest political rival.

When Joe’s Russian girlfriend Elena comes to visit she soon starts to monopolise his time, leaving no time for his domestic duties, which irritates Mel. Mel brings Lennox to a convention where she meets the mayor’s son, Brett. S3 E26 The Chaperones. S3 E30 More Than Roommates.

Joe and Mel form a friendship with another couple, Gillian and Nate. Ryder forms a new study group. S4 E3 The Honeymooners. Season 2, Episode 14 August 22, S2 E10 Pretty Big Liars.

I Can Manage

Season 2, Episode 6 June 20, Mel and Joe’s friendship with married couple Nate and Gillian is put in jeopardy when Mel reveals a abd that Nate told Joe in confidence. Mel then finds a way to make this benefit her campaign, but Ryder’s humiliation lands him in hot water at school.

Joe offers to melisas Elena in order to keep her in the USA, but a shocked Mel refuses to take part in the scheme. When Joe tries to smooth over the troubled relationship between Mel and her mother Monica, he gives Monica some melissa and joey full episodes season 2 episode 1 that infuriates Mel.

Joe demands a pledge of no cell phones or computers all weekend long. S1 E25 The Other Longo. Mel allows her new date Travis to believe she is an amazing chef without mentioning that it was Joe who really made their delicious food.