I always knew Yandy was a bird. She’s clearly wasting her time. Erica and Cyn’s relationship blows up due to suspected infidelities. Remy episodes 9—10, 12, 17 — Mendeecees’ assistant. She has nothing going for her in New York and I’m sure she doesn’t want to look like a failure. Retrieved March 2, Dinero is kicking her out, and Chink tries to handle the situation as best as possible. Diamond and Cisco come together for one last time.

Episode 4 was entitled, “A Woman Scorned” and there sure was a lot of scorning going on in this week’s show is “scorning” a word? Amina is preparing to give birth to Peter’s child but he keeps running back to Tara. Retrieved March 3, Jewel Escobar episode 14 — Rich’s mother. Retrieved June 23, This dumb broad Chrissy must have been born last night. Dinero and he was just showing her around the club LOL. Take the “L” and move on with your life.

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Whatever it is she wants from Love and hip hop ny season 5 episode 4 eipsode not going to get it. Jhonni pours her heart out to Rich only to have it broken.

This episode marks the return of Mendeecees as a supporting cast member, the first appearance of Cisco as a supporting cast member, as well as the first appearances of Chrissy Monroe, Chink Santana and Diamond Strawberry. However, when Lisa probes as to why Cisco would then invite Diamond to move to New York inspite of his issues, Cisco tells Lisa that Diamond chose to move to NY on her own free will, and recently confessed about having a child.

Retrieved February 24, If her man gets locked up for 20 years, I guess she’s already prepared to be a single mother of three.

Rich’s two artists have a memorable first meeting. You already know that Diamond’s going to forgive Cisco. It consists of 17 episodes, including a two-part reunion special hosted by Nina Parker.

The drama continues between Jhonni and Diamond.

Diamond uncovers Cisco’s hidden conversations with Tasha and confronts him about it. I almost forgot that this chick Chrissy was even on the show. She meets up with Randa, Erica’s business advisor, to see what kind of the money the company is sdason making.

Big TiggerStevie J and Nina Parker host the special with appearances from family, friends, television personalities and musicians. Peter loove to convince Amina it’s over between he and Tara.

I think Tara would have forgiven him if he only boinked Amina, but the fact that he got her pregnant and married her is just too much for her to accept. Yandy drops a big surprise on Mendeecees at the baby shower. Anyway, Chrissy pretty much threatens to kick Chinks out of her home since he’s never there anyway. He even calls her and fabricates an entire story about how he’s going to go to dinner to talk about the campaign or something, and then he’s gonna shoot the ad sexson next day or something along those lines.

Yup, it was so good that he went back for seconds. That high pitched voice and those bolted on bewbs had me screamin. Nothing good will come from Ms. Randa says Erica is a liar love and hip hop ny season 5 episode 4 a manipulator duh. Erica reconnects with Rich and learns he’s got a new client she doesn’t approve of. Erica and Cyn’s relationship blows up due to suspected infidelities. Is this the first time a man has paid attention to her or something?

Although credited, Chrissy and Erica do not appear. In reality, he needed to take Tara and their two sons on a family trip. Retrieved April 7, Rich tells Chrissy she has nothing to worry about and Chinks is a stand-up guy.

It’s one week from her due date and her husband is in a tropical location with his ex. Orrin Ennis episodes 14, 17 — Amina’s manager.

Cast Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Yandy Smith stops by the basketball court where her fiance, Mendeecees Harris, is hooping. Chrissy tells Chink seqson her friend spotted him in the club with another woman, and at love and hip hop ny season 5 episode 4, Hp says he was in the club alone, but then admits that he brought J.

Cast Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5. Retrieved June 23, Yandy heads to the basketball court to give Mendeecees a gift, which she prefaces with a profession of love.

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Judy Harris episodes 7—8, 14—16 — Mendeecees’ mother. This page was last edited on 1 Julyat seasoon That’s what men do! Kimbella Vanderhee episodes 12, 14—15, 17 — Yandy’s friend. TV by the Numbers. She’s coming off as really high school and juvenile.

Chinks and Peter Gunz can never muster up the energy to take their azzes home at night. Cyn confronts Erica and you know what happens next. Tara encourages Amina to stand her ground with Peter. Dinero, that looks like a box of Sharpies exploded on her head.