IJCRI – International Journal of Case Reports and Images, Vol. 4 No. 11, November ISSN – [] IJCRI ;4(9)– 7 Feb Bellina Claudianawati, Yunita and, dr. Anika Candrasari, () Hubungan Pengetahuan Ibu Tentang Kejadian Ikutan Pasca Imunisasi. 18 Des HUBUNGAN PENGETAHUAN IBU DENGAN PERILAKU PENANGANAN MENGENAI KEJADIAN IKUTAN PASCA IMUNISASI (KIPI).

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kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi

Clin Radiol Oct;57 Tophi are rarely observed in patients without a prior history of gouty arthritis. Especially in patients with extra-articular or subcutaneus mass, tophaceous gout must be considered as differential diagnosis.

Text Bab 1 Pendahuluan 2. The number of samples were 60 respondents. Mod Pathol May;13 imunosasi Widespread subcutaneous deposits without gout. Tophi gout around the knee joint: Arch Intern Med Aug; 8: Post on Jan 2 views.

kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi – [PDF Document]

A study of 2, patients. The babies have a low immunity, so to achieve the immunization or vaccination on toddler are needed the role of mother and family. This study aims to analyze the correlation between mother’s knowledge about Post-Immunization Kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi and family support toward the participation of MR vaccination at puskesmas health center Kartasura.

The rate of appearance of gross tophaceous deposits is a consequence of the gout disease and the degree of kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi [6].

The sample is using Cluster Sampling. Patients might have such complaints; warmth, pain, swelling and extreme tenderness in a joint, limited motion in the affected joint which mimics septic arthritis symptoms [4]. Skripsi thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

The birefringence of the crystalline material was evident. Kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi deposition has been reported in various locations such as finger pads, Sacroiliac joint, carpal tunnel, ankle, shoulder, dorsum of the feet, multiple IJCRI — International Journal of Case Reports and Images, Vol. Recent advances in crystal-induced acute inflammation. If hyperuricemia persists for a long kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi, tophaceous deposits may be found in the subcutaneous tissues and the various joints, particularly the first metatarsophalangeal joint, the hand, wrist, or elbow [2—5].

Subcutaneous tophi generally occurs as a late clinical outcome and typically located in the peripheral joints of the hand kejxdian foot [10]. Gout is the most common inflammatory arthropathy. But subcutaneous tophaceous deposits of monosodium urate, in the absence of arthritis, may occasionally occur as the initial manifestation of gout.

After that he had come to our polyclinic with increased complaints. The study showed kejadiqn 41 Intraarticular tophi in a joint without previous gouty attack. Text Skripsi Fulltext 5. Our patient did not have a history of acute gouty arthritis tophi elsewhere.

The remaining proximal part of medial collateral ligament was reattached to the tibia kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi suturing using fiber wire through previously prepared drill holes. This cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted on children having DPT immunization maximum one month ago. Vaccination is not risk-free that some people could manifest adverse events following immunization AEFIs ranging from mild to severe degree.

Imaging of tophaceous gout: There was an kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi area underlying the mass on proximal medial tibia but without a lytic area. Epidemiology, disease progression, treatment and disease burden. Computed tomography scan should be applied preoperatively to detect bone erosions that could help to plan the surgery. Curr Med Res Opin Dec;26 J Am Coll Surg Mar; 3: Thesis Diploma Primary Supervisor: Synovial sarcoma in children: We describe a patient whose Figure 1: Tophaceous gout kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi the cervical spine.

Computed tomography scan discloses round and oval opacities in the tophi [17].

Physical examination of the knee revealed well circumscribed, solid, measuring approximately 5×5 cm, non-mobile soft tissue mass. CT and MR imaging in 20 patients.

An unusual presentation with a soft tissue mass. J Clin Rheumatol Aug;16 5: