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As opposed to a PBN , which acts a buffer between the good links and your website. But whenever content generate links, they tend to be white, and if you have not received any links at all after 12 months, chances are that you earned your money back from long tail traffic from search engines anyway. Create a linkable asset using these content titles. Want to know how? Instead of looking for guests posting sites and building authority from them and hoping and waiting that they agree for me to post my content.

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Then save all you finding to a. Afterwards and finally, reach out to the owners of the websites linking to those pages.


I was browsing your resource page here: You may want to start looking into the right content marketing development framework too. Then, write a generic pitch and customize it for each blogger.

If they ask to see it, send them the link to the piece and offer them to include it in their content and to write a paragraph to fit it in the content. Publishing one amazingly great post, but also at the same time a timeless post, gives me a long time heavsn do all the necessary marketing work in order to attract traffic, social media shares and links.

When it comes to producing content, I use the team of excellent and experienced writers I formed from the vast pool of writers at WriterAccess.

Researching social media is another important aspect of research that should not be ignored. There are a couple ways I scale this. It was like pouring rocket fuel on a big bonfire.

This method goes way beyond just asking for a link. Leads generated — there were good number of leads generated with the help of the round up blog posts. Some ways to minimize your workload would be to hire someone to find new sites for your to contribute content to, handle your scheduling, email outreach and coming up with new content ideas.

Here is where you can really scale the process. You just have to know how to do it right. Mikael Uusitalo cubicledropout http: You can use a simple script, like this one:. Are people disagreeing with something?

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See if you can even get a response. Each one of these broken links will have even more websites that link to it. Do you want to hear the crazy part? This is done through market research. Remember this technique is about identifying a specific topic area that a relevant audience are receptive to.

We keep a spreadsheet of those websites, their resource pages and contact information. But like I say my focus going forward will be on paid traffic over everything else. It can be a lot of work, but this is a good start to creating the best content in your industry. With WP Suggester you will able to create quizzes that help to choose and suggest the best product or service to website visitors.

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Blogger outreach and relationship building can be overwhelming if you want to do it on scale. CSV from Screaming Frog. Decide on how much quality you will accept and how much you are willing to pay for it.

Not just any type of mindless link baits but ones from evergreen content. Even by myself, it took Brian Dean of Backlinko to remind me today that I told him about this 4 years ago. This will increase your chances of them wanting louej link to your content. Your site is the only place on the internet with this statistic.

How I executed the strategy:

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