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Retrieved October 23, It rides on no more than one main riff for most of the duration but it works very well and never gets grating. Writing a review of the album for website AllMusic , critic Eduardo Rivadavia has praised the musical styles of Apocryphon , praising the group for their tendencies to "consistently repeat their choruses for maximum cranial penetration, keep guitar solos melodic, sizzling but to the point, and prioritize leaner working frames".

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Nearly every vibrant riff on the album that the band used to sneeze out three times per track seems apocrypphon have been crammed into these five minutes, and I know it's weird but I love the silly little beep boop noises in the intro and bridge. This fourth straight album full of the exact same ideas executed in the exact same way with the exact same shortcomings shows that The Sword is a defective band. Also largely jettisoned is the extended jamming, most of the ten tracks clocking in reliably between the minute mark.

The Sword - Apocryphon - CD

Wingo will be proud to know there's been nothing lost in the percussion department. There are songs about real life subjects". Speaking about opening track "The Veil of Isis", Cronise has described the lyrical content as "a little more metaphysical than a lot of our previous stuff", explaining that it "talks a lot about cycles of nature and life and death swore birth and transformation and death and rebirth".

The Sword made a huge splash with their first album, basically roaring from out of nowhere to make this huge mainstream aopcryphon with a style that is both incredibly easy to write and done to death, so they rightly earned a staunch number of non-fans right off the bat for their perceived posturing and media-friendliness.

Writing a four-star review for the website AllMusicEduardo Rivadavia praised many elements of the album, including the musical compositions and the lyrical themes, concluding his review by explaining that " Apocryphon basically sees The Sword inching its well-established aesthetic along, slowly but surely; cautiously dabbling in new sounds rather than drastically altering their direction Temporary Drummer Announced, U.

The Sword - Apocryphon - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Archived from the original on October 14, Languages Italiano Svenska Edit links. Credit must be given to J. Retrieved October 31, Archived apocrypon the original on September 12, They were hardly the only band mining such territory at the time — the much missed Stonerrock. I think the closing title track is great.

They just blur by, nothing hooks you, nothing catches your attention, nothing fights for the spotlight, it's just one drab, grey mass of music buzzing past your ears. Originally written for That's How Kids Die.

Nemesis" live at Stubb's. Gods of the Earth was an incredibly dull album, with maybe one track I remember liking at all, and even with that I can't quite remember the name of it "Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzepherians" or something equally stupidand Warp Riderswhile at least being more energetic than its predecessor, still carried an overwhelmingly thick essence of deja vu and had very few standout tracks.

Apocryphon (album) - Wikipedia

Apocryphon was initially slated for release in "late September or early October" by the band, said to be dependent on when artist J. Listening to Apocryphon, it seems somehow fitting that I unintentionally skipped Warp Riders, because this album sounds like the direct sequel to Gods of the Earth.

Apocryphon Studio album by The Sword. Guitarist Kyle Shutt has described the album as "real big sounding, real live and huge sounding", contrasting it with the "technically perfect" Warp Riders[12] and has also noted that "A lot of the songs are more mid-tempo, but still impossibly heavy". Okay, one superficial thing I want to get out of the way really quickly: It's a shame because I really did like that first album, but now essentially all the charm and charisma they had has been worn away with the overuse of ideas.

The Sword, ‘Apocryphon’ – Album Review

Those lyrics I complained about being amateurish and lazy sowrd paradoxically inconsequential on this album, as I thought "Arcane Montane" and "The Hidden Masters" were instrumental the first two times I listened to this album. Consequence of Sound [32]. The shit drumming and agonizingly bad lyrics were more of just a funny quirk on Age of Winterswhereas since then they've been cemented as integral to the band's identity.

Personally, I found Age of Winters to be a flawed gem. The Sword Headbang in 'Veil of Isis ' ". I can give the album at least a small bit of credit because there are a full three songs I like this time around, which is about as many from the previous two combined.

Robbins — production, engineeringmixing Greg Calbi — mastering J. Fans who have remained fans across the previous three records will adore this, as it's essentially Live Free or Age the Winterser with a Vengeance. Retrieved October 17, These riffs are on their appocryphon run through the grinder, it's time to give it a rest already, fellas.

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