Markly is the newest of the apps we use for design documentation, and it currently works with Photoshop and Sketch. What happens when I sign up? Read User License Agreement and hit "Install" 4. I can't find my digit License Key can you resend my order email?

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Specctr | Plans

System requirments, installation help and more Frequently asked questions. Once you sign up yyou will be able to download and try Specctr 3. Choosing the Right Spec'ing Tool. Choose speccctr item you want to document, and where you want that information placed in relation to the object.

This is a tremendous time saver, especially on a rapidly evolving project. Sign up to recieve a notification. Add custom notes to give extra details to any element.

Use Projects Beta to sync and share with your team. Much like Zeplin, you choose an dpecctr in Sketch, then import it into a project in Markly via an icon in your main menu bar.

Precise width and height, on the left, right, bottom or top. Join our community Specctr cloud is a growing and evolving project. Specctr cloud is a growing and evolving project. With Specctr, you can easily spec your file with just a few clicks. Instead of working within your favorite design application like Specctr and Sketch Measure doZeplin works by importing artboards from Sketch.

Share with team mates and developers. Visit our help center. A few of our users.

Spedctr can also issue alerts and messages to others if something changes. Do you want to get updates on our products, design tips and more?

CC and CS6 1. Color, font, line height, opacity and more.

Make it Spectacular: Choosing the Right Spec'ing Tool

See your Projects on Specctr Cloud Log into cloud. New options and settings to accommodate both web and print projects. You can also define which properties you want to show for a particular layer.

We would love to hear how we can continue to improve the product. Interested in learning more about our basic and advanced Design Courses? No more emailing pdfs and jpegs. Creative Cloud and later.

What is Specctr Cloud?

General FAQs Specctr stopped working. Specctr Cloud is our newest and most exciting feature of Specctr 3. To leave us feedback visit our community page. How to install Specctr? Create a new project right from the panel or on cloud.

How to get point release updates for my Specctr 2.

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