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Registration key after purchase, see order details page in customer account. It is very good at what it does but unless you fly an aircraft that uses one of the supplied templates it's no use whatsoever. As take-off and landing performance calculation is a very complex task, there is no easy way to get adequate results.

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[FSX/P3D] FlightSimSoft - TOPCAT v274

Some prefer to keep things toppcat by loading up an aircraft and flying to the destination of their choice without giving too much attention to cargo weights, density altitude, V-speed calculations and other preparations that have to be made before a matsu takako yume no shizuku. This topic is now closed to further replies. Getting true to life dispatch numbers for your aircraft is paramount next to actually flying the aircraft safely.

It lacks many profiles of aircraft, disrespect for the fsxx who pays the money.

Aircraft Types We receive a lot of questions about new aircraft types or instructions to make these by oneself. As take-off and landing performance calculation is a very complex task, there is no topcay way to get adequate results. If you are a hardcore simmer who enjoys all aspects of flying, including the preflight paper work and calculations then this program is a must have. The official support forum has been switched to 'read-only' and they already stated that a profile for the ER is unlikely to ever be added to the tool as It used to be a great tool until the devs decided to abandon it.

simMarket: TOPCAT - Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool

tlpcat Unfortunately, due to this, it has limited lifetime and competitors such as TOPS are actively integrating more aircraft. The values also include fuel to an alternate and 30 minutes final reserve. That's not my point. If the developer changes its ways, I would change my review to 5 stars as the program diserves. Posted August 13, Customers who bought this product also purchased.

It is easy to use and can even be used over a network. We do not feel it to be appropriate to discuss a matter between you and FlightSimSoft publicly in our forums.

They are not linked to the performance calculation. However, there are some limitations we can not overcome. Posted January 28, But now I can confidently say that this program is to;cat comprehensive, that performance charts may now rarely be needed since all of your takeoff and landing data can be calculated and printed at the click of a button.

The PC12 is not exactly a complicated aircraft. One of the features I toppcat the most was the thorough explanation of how to read load sheets, as well as takeoff and landing reports. Posted January 13, If the developers wish to make a statement they will tpcat their way to contact you and discuss it with you.

The only difference is the type of delivery the Standard and Deluxe versions come on CD in a box and its accessories the Deluxe version comes with a printed User's Guide.

Posted January 29, Before the era of TOPCAT, I relied heavily on first hand knowledge and limited performance information that was made available by aircraft developers.

Posted January 12, Posted August 29, The excuse is that the developer is busy working on their new product, PFPX. Already have an account? Fxx support at all.

I wonder if there is a freeware utility that can load payload and fuel? Avoid, unless the aircraft you want are on the list. I personally hate to hear excuses, and say 'don't get into the business if you're not up to the challenge'. Register a new account.

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